DJ, singer & producer Ronaldo Da Silva is an upcoming artist with an genreless sound. His style is influenced by the 80s/90s and comes with smashing House- and Technobeats. His videos recieved more than 100k views on Youtube.


Cologne-based producer & DJ leapt to the front of contemporary dance music in 2001 with his first single "Secrets of Loneliness". The head behind Noreira Records (founded in 2011) played at known festivals like Nature One, Ruhr in Love and Atmospherica.


Bodo Felusch spins records since 1993 and runs his label Unvirtual Music since 2005. Based on his love for Jazz, Blues, Soul and Funk, he discovered the variety of Techno and its potential. With constantly making own productions his sets are always worth an open ear.


D-Chai spend a lot of time and hard work by improving his productions. After various releases on Noreira Records he is still related to his unique sound and tries to share it with his audience as often as possible.


DJ, producer and organizer of Pydna Alliance DANNY O VILLAGE will keep you up with the hottest Beats. He just started his very own partyseries "Technosein" with friend Filippo Forcella and his partner in crime Julia Biehl.


Diskjockey P KAY stands for stunning performances and is addicted to electronic music since his beginning. After several gigs in Ibiza he finally cames down to play as our opener for the upcoming event.

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